There was no flying this weekend. Too many things to do on Saturday, and Sunday was the annual Smiths Falls Flying Club Fly-In Breakfast. It is a very important fund-raiser for the club, and the club operates the airfield where our RV–8 is based, so I help out at this event every year.

Rain showers had moved in by the time the Fly-In Breakfast had finished, so I gave up on any thoughts of flying. Instead, I washed and waxed the bottom of the fuselage. We did the upper surfaces and fuselage sides two weeks ago, but the lower surfaces still need attention. I’ll attack the bottom of one of the wings next time.

I put the tail wheel up on a stand while doing the wash and wax, to make it easier to get under the rear fuselage. This lowered the forward part of the aircraft closer to the floor than usual, and I managed to bash my head against the end of one of the exhaust pipes as I sat up, drawing blood. Ouch! At least I didn’t bend the exhaust pipe. Then I did it a second time a few minutes later! Slow learner, I guess