The eastern Canada portion of the RV–1 tour finished today, as Tom Martin handed over the aircraft to a US RV pilot in Toledo, OH. I’m very relieved that everything went smoothly. Now that someone else is responsible for the aircraft I can relax.

The Stanley Fly-In Breakfasts were apparently a great success, with a record number of breakfasts sold. The Windsor event attendance suffered somewhat due to rain showers in the area, but the attendees did enjoy seeing the aircraft.

We were very fortunate with the weather, which gave us the opportunity to make the planned events at Stanley, NS and Windsor, ON. But, it was only due to the efforts of a large number of dedicated volunteers that we were able to take advantage of the excellent weather and make these events happen. Thanks to everyone who donated their time, efforts and money.

The last Canadian event is on 23 June in Langley, BC.