The RV–1 had a great weekend in the Maritimes. It was based in Sussex, NB, but flew out to Stanley, NS Saturday and Sunday mornings for the Victoria Day weekend Fly-In Breakfasts at Stanley Sport Aviation. For pictures of the RV–1 at Stanley, scroll through this thread and this one too.

The aircraft is airborne again, heading to Rivière-du-Loup for fuel, and then Bromont. I’ll pick it up in Bromont and fly it to Smiths Falls, where it will spend the night. We’ll have a gathering of local RV enthusiasts at Smiths Falls this evening. I’ll hang around until 8 PM. The aircraft will be on the main ramp, unless we get a rain shower, in which case it’ll be in Ken Tattersall’s hangar, which is the most westerly hangar on the most northern hangar line.