The RV–1 has been making its way up the east coast of the US. There were a few early maintenance glitches, but they were resolved thanks to some excellent troubleshooting from local RVers. I think only one planned event has been missed due to aircraft snags.

Van has had a chance to fly it the RV–1 again, for the first time in 50 years or so when the aircraft was at Spruce Creek, FL.


There has been some juggling of responsibilities. The original plan had the NE US RVers bringing the aircraft across the NB border and handing it off to Ross K. and Don B., two NB RVers. They would take the aircraft to Stanley, NS for the Victoria Day weekend Fly-In Breakfasts. I would ferry the aircraft from NB to the Ottawa area during the week of 21 May.

That plan fell apart when the US RVers couldn’t find anyone willing to bring the aircraft across the border. So, to ensure the eastern Canada events still go on, I will take over the responsibility to fly the aircraft from SE Maine to NB during the week of 14 May. Ross K. and Don B. will ferry the aircraft to the Ottawa area during the week of 21 May.

The main Canadian events of Stanley, NS on 19–20 May, Windsor, ON on 26 May and Langley, BC on 23 June are still on track. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.