I was in Wichita all week, doing some flight testing. I had the wiring odds and ends I needed to rewire the bad intercom connector delivered to the hotel, as that would be quicker than shipping them to Canada. I spent almost a day and a half at the hangar this weekend, rewiring the connector, and then putting everything back in place. But, the COM 1 transmission problem remains. Arrghh!! I’m pretty frustrated right now.

The COM 1/COM 2 selector switch was working, so I did a short test flight which confirmed that while COM 2 is working OK, COM 1 is still a problem. I tried radio checks with Smiths Falls Flying Club, Gatineau Radio, Ottawa Tower, and two aircraft flying in the area. No one answered.

I’m now wondering whether the intermittent bad connection I found was maybe a red herring. Maybe that connector was working, and I’ve got another problem. I'll track down another local aircraft with a GNS 430W, so I can try my GNS 430 in that aircraft to confirm whether it is working or not. I’ll also recheck the wiring to make sure it is OK, and I’ll check the antenna and its coax. The intercom is also a question mark. If need be I’ll wire up a test harness to bypass the intercom.