The weather looked pretty good at home mid-morning today, with broken cloud at about 2500 ft, and the ocassional snowflake falling. The radar showed some snow showers around Smiths Falls, but the Ottawa terminal forecast suggested the ceiling and visibility should be fairly good. I needed to put the cowling back on anyway, so I drove to the airport.

The ceiling and visibility at Smiths Falls was much worse than it was at home, and it didn't improve at all in the two hours I was there. I did get the cowling back on, but the radar suggested that the snow would continue for several hours, so I gave up any thought of flying today. By the time I got home it was snowing steadily there, as seen in the picture.

I am scheduled to fly a proficiency flight Monday afternoon on one of Transport Canada's aircraft. That aircraft was unserviceable on Friday - if it is still broke on Monday, and the weather is acceptable, I'll take the afternoon off and fly my aircraft instead.