I spent all day Saturday at the hangar, working on the autopilot wiring. I need to do all the wiring on the instrument panel side of things. It took some digging to find all the GPS wires I needed to hook up to, but I tracked them all down. Hooking up to the previous wiring for the roll servo turned out to be much more difficult than I expected, but I finally managed to get those wires all connected. I still have to hook up the pitch servo wires - they are done at the servo end, but not yet at the instrument panel end.

I finished all the power, GPS and roll servo wires at the end of the afternoon, and then powered it up to do the first ground functional tests. The control head powered up OK, but it wouldn't engage the roll servo. I would hear a "clunk" from the servo, but it wouldn't stay engaged. Reading through the manual again Saturday evening, I came up with four theories on what could be wrong. I'll check out those theories next time I'm at the hangar, and if that doesn't do it I'll call tech support at Trio Avionics.

Hopefully Bart Lalonde will be back at work tomorrow, so I can talk to him about my cylinder problem.