I recently discovered that I cannot find my Avery Speed Deburring Tool, which I last used when I was installing the autopilot pitch servo mount in the aircraft. The last place I can definitely recall seeing it was in the cockpit, while the cockpit and aft baggage bay floors were removed. I was pretty sure that I hadn't left it under the floors, but I couldn't be certain. If it was under the floor, there would be a chance it could jam the pitch control, or the flaps, or do some other nefarious thing.

I looked all over the place, and still couldn't find the deburring tool, so I spent Saturday morning removing the seats, and the cockpit and baggage bay floors, and then putting the floors back in again. I didn't find the missing tool, but at least I am 100% certain that it isn't in the aircraft. I left the seats out as I will be crawling under the instrument panel to finish the autopilot installation while the cylinder issue gets sorted out.

I'm holding off ordering a replacement tool for a bit, but eventually I'll have to crack and buy a new one. But, I know from past experience that the missing tool will show up shortly after I've acquired a new one.