I took a day of comp time and worked on the aircraft today. I finished off the inspection of the airframe this morning, and then put the various inspection panels back on. I'll do the firewall forward part of the annual inspection and the compass swing in early October.

I repacked the wheel bearings for the first time since the first flight - they looked in great shape. I used a Lisle Handy Packer bearing packing tool to push clean grease into the bearings. That tool really helped do the job quickly, and with a minimum of mess. It is highly recommended. You can find it at Aircraft Spruce, but it can be found at many other places online, some with prices quite a bit cheaper than ACS.

This afternoon I removed the rear baggage bay floor and aft wall and the cockpit floors, as I need to run wires under there for the autopilot. I also removed the old wing leveler, and did a trial fit of the autopilot in the instrument panel. I discovered that the new autopilot control head is slightly larger diameter than the advertised 3 1/8", and it doesn't quite fit in the hole in my instrument panel. I'm going to purchase a 3" drum sander so I can slightly enlarge the hole.