Terry and I spent the week of 31 May at Panorama Mountain Village in south-eastern BC. The weather didn't work out so well, but we really enjoyed getting back to the mountains. We spent quite a bit of time soaking in various hot springs, including a long drive on logging truck gravel roads to get to the natural Lussier Hot Springs. We also quaffed quite a bit of the excellent BC wine. We can't get much BC wine in Ontario, as those greedy BCers drink most of it themselves.

We passed through Banff National Park on the way to and from Panorama, and made a pilgrimige to Lake Louise and Moraine Lake on our way back home. They were just as beautiful as we remembered.

Moraine Lake was still quite low, as it is fed from a glacier, and it apparently doesn't get up to its normal level until mid summer.

Last week was very busy at work, so I didn't get out to the hangar during the week. I had brought the wheel pants home before the trip to BC, and did several sessions last week putting some extra fibreglas inside to reinforce a couple of areas. I also bonded in some metal spaces on the inside where the wheel pants attach to the mounting bracket on the landing gear leg. I had noticed that the attachment screws were pulling the wheel pant out of shape, as there was a gap between the inside of the wheel pant and the bracket. The metal plates I bonded in place fill that gap, and they also provide a wear surface for the screw shafts.

I got up for an IFR training flight this afternoon - I did a practice ILS approach at Ottawa, and a VOR approach at Carp. It has been over 15 years since I did any single-pilot IFR flying, so I need to do some workup before I launch into the clag. I had hoped to get to the Owen Sound Wings and Wheels event, as my brother lives in that area, and he would come down, but they postponed it due to an overly pessimistic weather forecast. I'll try again on the 27th.