Terry and I spent the week just north of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia visiting my parents. This was our first trip back there since the car accident, over a year ago, so they were very happy to see us. At one point I had thought we might use the RV-8 for this trip, but once it became clear that it was going in for paint I decided to plan on using the airlines, as there was no way to predict when the aircraft would be flying again. I do plan to fly back to Yarmouth sometime this summer with the RV-8 though.

My dad and I visited Ron Belliveau and crew - four guys building an RV-10 in Lower East Pubnico, which is a classical NS fishing village south of Yarmouth. They have a very nice looking aircraft, and hope to have it flying in early summer.

It was really blowing this morning, with about 20 kt of wind blowing almost straight across the runway, so I gave up any thought of flying. I should eventually be capable of flying in this much crosswind, but the most I have seen so far is about 15 kt, and that was a long time ago. I am not very current in the RV-8 at the moment, so it would have been foolhardy to risk flying today.

I did work on mounting provisions for the Aera 510 GPS/XM WX device I recently bought. I got the first part of the mount made, but need to do some more work in the basement to finish it off.