The wind finally dropped off overnight, and I was able to clear off my schedule at work this afternoon. So, I took some comp time, and left at noon to head to the airport. I replaced one of the CamLocs on the oil door on the cowling with the longer one that arrived yesterday, and fixed a fit issue with the canopy.

Then, finally, I got ready to go flying. Ron, who loaned me the scales to weigh the aircraft, took some pictures.

Here you see me getting ready to start the engine to taxi to the fuel pumps.

Doing the run-up.

On the button of the runway, ready to commit aviation.

Airborne! Shortly after liftoff.

I flew for about 35 minutes, checking out all the avionics and systems, did a quick stall and a flutter check at 200 kt. Then it was back to the airport for three touch and goes and a full stop. It was wonderful to be flying again.