The reassembly phase took longer than I hoped, but I finally got all the bits back on this evening. Fred, an amateur photographer happened by as I was installing the wheel pants, and asked if he could take some pictures.

There are still a couple of final items to be added to the paint scheme. The missing blue “RCAF” and “Golden Hawks” text above and below the hawk’s head will be added next week, I hope.

It was way too windy for the first flight after paint on Wednesday - the wind was gusting to over 20 kt at 90 degrees to the runway. I’m sure I’ll eventually be flying in those conditions, but I’ve only worked up to about 15 kt of crosswind so far, and it has been over two months since I last flew the aircraft. My schedule is pretty packed today, but hopefully everything will come together to fly to fly on Friday.

Full size versions of these images are available at my image gallery.