I took some time off from work yesterday afternoon and picked up the aircraft. I got lucky with the weather, and it stopped raining shortly before I rolled the aircraft from the paint shop down to my hangar.

This morning I started the reassembly. I got the canopy, spinner, ailerons and wing tip light covers back on. I reinstalled the EFIS and EIS 4000 engine monitor, which had been removed for updates. It was a very cold, damp day, and I ran out of steam around 2 PM. It was just really miserable and I wasn’t having fun anymore, so I stopped for the day.

I took Monday and Tuesday off, and I’ll reattack the project then. Korrey will paint the back half of the wheel pants and the gear leg fairings on Monday, and he’ll also touch up a thin spot on one of the elevators. Those parts will need to cure for several days before I can put them back on the aircraft, which means the aircraft won’t be all back together until next weekend at the very earliest.

The aircraft looks really nice with the canopy and spinner back on.