I got a phone call from Korrey at Kolorfast a few minutes ago. He said the paint job was essentially finished. Woo Hoo!! Finally!! He wanted the plane to sit in the heated paint shop for two days to cure before I picked it up. And he wasn't happy with the body work on the back half of the wheel pants, so he redid it, and they are not painted yet. That isn't a problem, as I have several days of work to do before I would be ready to reweigh the aircraft.

I should pick the aircraft up late Friday afternoon. I'll spend a bunch of time at the hangar this weekend to rebalance the elevators, reinstall the canopy, all the control surfaces, access panels, intersection fairings, etc. I've also got some small mods to make to the engine cooling plenum cover. I'll ensure the fuel tank vent lines and the pitot and static lines are clear. I doubt I'll get all this work done on the weekend.

Sometime next week I'll drain the fuel tanks, install the wheel pants and weigh the aircraft. Then on some day with nice weather I'll take it flying again. I'll stick very close to the airfield for the first flight or two, just in case something is awry with all the work that has been done.