Not much to report this week. I didn't hear anything from the painter guy at all. If they are on schedule, he should start spraying paint this week.

I was in Wichita from Monday to Thursday evening, flight testing a prototype Synthetic Vision System on a Head Up Display. Bombardier and Rockwell Collins are developing the technology for a big update to the Global Express. It isn't ready for offical type-certification flight testing yet, but they wanted to give us a look at this initial version, as it is easier and cheaper to make any big changes now than it will be later.

Yesterday and this morning were spent working a "Honey Do" list, but this afternoon I headed to Smiths Falls. RV-9A builder Phillip Kaye had a big bunch of local builders gathered in his hangar to help him install the wings on his aircraft. There were the usual little hicups, but things were progressing well when I left around 3 PM.

The weather was absolutely wonderful here this weekend. Sunny and unseasonably warm. Terry and I took the opportunity to go for the first walks together we have done since the car accident, almost one year ago. We didn't go quite as far as we used to go, but my ankle did very well. It got a bit tired, but there wasn't really any pain.