I went out to the hangar early today, intending to do a bunch of work, then go flying. I spent a bit of time modifying some hardware to allow connecting the hangar plane mover to the tailwheel, as one of my hangar mates finds the aircraft hard to move around. I then installed a canopy air dam and weather stripping, in an attempt to stop the drafts that come by the back end of the canopy skirt. I also reinstalled some of the cockpit sidewall panels, as Terry had sewn on some Velcro strips to hold them in place.

Then I attacked moving the fuel flow transducer to get it between the engine-driven fuel pump and the fuel injection servo. That all went fairly well, but I decided that I should add a heat shield and some firesleeve before I fly. I’ve got firesleeve, at home, of course, but need to order a heat shield. So, no flight today. :( Hopefully I can get a heat shield here this week.