I got a bit of free time to head to the hangar Wednesday last week, and attacked the CHT indication problem. I reseated the connectors between the CHT #1 probe and the extension wire that goes to the Engine Indication System. Then I rechecked CHT #1 and #3 in boiling water. Now both were showing the same temperature - about 10 deg F too low. Now that CHT #1 seems to have the same errors as the others again, it will be interesting to see how it compares to the other cylinders next time I get flying.

While I was at the hangar, I made a cardboard template of the area at the rear of the canopy frame. Terry will use the template to make a removable cloth screen that will be part of a scheme to hopefully stop the air drafts coming from under the canopy skirt. Hopefully we can try it out this coming weekend.

I pulled the passenger seat cushions out and brought them home, so I could install a heated seat kit. But, I learned that the leather seat covers are glued to the foam cushion. So, it will not be possible to install the heated seat kit. Terry has a 12v electric blanket that a friend gave her - we will try that next time we go flying.

I was on the road from Thursday until late this afternoon, so nothing got done on the aircraft. I did take the time for an editorial cleanup on the POH.