It’s been a good RV weekend. Yesterday, I took one of my coworkers for a short local flight. It was the first time he had been upside down for a good number of years. After we landed, I plugged the engine preheat into a timer, so it would start its magic at 7 AM on Sunday, as it was supposed to get well below freezing overnight.

Today, Terry and I zipped out to the airport and launched for Lindsay to have lunch. The engine was nicely warmed up by the Reiff preheater, and we wasted no time in getting airborne. It was a beautiful day to go flying, and we took about 50 minutes each way (126 nm), and had a very nice lunch. It was the first time I had been more than 25 nm from Smiths Falls, and the first time we had done anything “useful” with the aircraft. The main point of the exercise was to get a slightly longer flight, so Terry could see if there were any more issues I needed to address before we do longer flights.

She confirmed that there is a draft coming up around the rear seat stick. I’ll try putting some vinyl tape where the wing spars go into the centre section, and I’ll get a stick boot made. She confirmed my suspicion that there is a draft from the rear end of the canopy skirt. I have a plan for that, and I’ll report once I’ve had a chance to try it out. I’m also going to run a 2” SCAT tube from the hot air outlet on the back side of the front baggage aft wall to route it to the rear seat. And, I’ve got a line on a heated seat kit that I will try to put in the rear seat.

We forgot the camera, so no pictures.