Thursday 08 Oct 2009
0.7 air time
0.8 flt time

Inter-flight activities:

  1. Semi-permanently installed rudder trim tab using 3M double-sided tape.


  1. Cruise performance testing at 8000 ft


  1. Cruise performance test at 2400 rpm, wide open throttle (WOT), 50 deg F lean of peak EGT (LOP).
  2. Cruise performance test at 2600 rpm, WOT, 100 deg F rich of peak EGT (ROP).
  3. Cruise performance test at 2150 rpm, WOT, 50 deg F LOP.


  1. Pending data analysis

New Snags:

  1. The ball is now very, very slightly to the left at the typical cruise condition. While it was perfect when the trim tab was taped in place with the wedge flush against the rudder skin, the double-sided tape that now holds it in place is about 0.06" thick. This puts the tab out slightly more into the airflow, and apparently increases its effectiveness. The tab must be trimmed slightly.

Existing Snags:

  1. Max rpm still decreases late in the flight.
  2. SD-8 Alternator - must run power wire to regulator.
  3. Pitch trim speed of movement is slow during a touch and go. Need to try it with the pitch trim speed governor removed.