Thursday 08 Oct 2009
0.4 air time
0.4 flt time

Inter-flight activities:

#. Temporarily installed rudder trim wedge using metal tape.


  1. Rudder trim check


  1. Checked rudder trim at the expected typical cruise condition of 2400 rpm, wide open throttle, 50 deg F lean of peak EGT.


  1. All three balls (EFIS, turn and bank, and wing leveler) were centred.

New Snags:

  1. None.

Existing Snags:

  1. Max rpm still decreases late in the flight.
  2. SD-8 Alternator - must run power wire to regulator.
  3. Pitch trim speed of movement is slow during a touch and go. Need to try it with the pitch trim speed governor removed.