I checked the weather forecast this morning, and it was pretty shaky - lots of low cloud and rain showers. But, this afternoon things turned out to be much better than expected, so Terry and I headed for the airport. There were rain showers from the next weather system approaching from the west, so we only did a short 20 minute flight. The main aim was to get Terry’s comments on seating position, find any drafts in the rear seat area, and identify any other major issues that needed sorting out before we planned any longer flights.

After 11 years of building, and a year long flight test phase, Terry was more than ready to get up in the RV-8. She found the seat cushion from D.J. Lauritsen of Cleaveland Tools to be very comfortable, and the rear seat riser I added was at a suitable height and angle (earlier info - 12 and 3). There is some air coming in around the rear seat stick - I plan to make a flexible boot to seal that area. The fuzzy Velcro I put under the canopy fairing to stop it from buzzing against the fuselage seems to be doing a good job at sealing any drafts from getting in - I suspect that finding might be overturned once the weather turns colder.

If the weather turns out to be better than forecast tomorrow morning, we’ll head for the Kingston Flying Club Fly-In Breakfast.