It's been a busy few weeks, hence no site updates for too long.

I was in Montreal for most of the week of 16 August, then had to get ready for a week of vacation in Sedona, AZ. We had organized this vacation well before the car accident, and the original plan had been to fly to Sedona in the RV-8. But, the car accident killed that option, so we flew there and back with the airlines.

We flew to Phoenix on Sunday the 23rd, and came back home a week later. We really, really enjoyed Sedona. We took a very enjoyable balloon ride with Red Rock Balloon Adventures - what a wonderful way to view the area. We got a very close approach to Cockscomb Mountain, saw quite a bit of wildlife, and landed on the Aerie development. We also drove up to the Grand Canyon for a day - I had seen it back in 1982, but Terry had never been there.

Saturday we drove down to Tucson to visit friends, spent the night there. They have a beautiful house on the spectacular Ventana Canyon Golf Course. Andy drug me up to the elevated green on the #3 hole on the Mountain Course, and had me attempt to hit the green, on top of the next hill, surrounded by rocks and a bunker, 107 yards over a deep ravine. I had only ever hit a golf ball once before, but the third attempt was good, and the ball hit the green. I don't think I'll be taking up golf anytime soon though, as the aircraft eats enough time and money.

Sunday morning we drove to Phoenix to catch our flight, arriving home near midnight. It was a very nice trip all in all.

This weekend I'll be working on the RV-8's annual inspection, which must be completed before the aircraft flys again.

My ankle is gaining a tiny bit of flexibility every week, I think, but the progress is very, very slow. At least the circulation problem seems to be improving. I can't yet go at full speed all day, every day, but I don't need to spend nearly as much time with the leg elevated as I did even two weeks ago. I can do a couple of days at my old pace, then I need a slow day to let it recover. Or, I need to give it some elevated rest time every day. The wrist and shoulder are doing quite well. Terry is OK as long as she keep popping the pain killers. Her neuro-surgeon gets back from a long vacation after Labour Day - hopefully she can get in to see him soon after he returns, so they can discuss the MRIs she had recently, and work on a treatment plan.