Terry and I are both doing fairly well. She had a good week visiting with her sisters in Green Bay, and I did well at the EAA Fly-In at Oshkosh. I am not fully mobile yet, but I was able to walk around a fair bit.

I am a bit discouraged at the extremely slow improvement in the circulation of my ankle. My mobility is fairly good, and I’m not having much pain. But the circulation is so poor that I cannot spend a full day either standing or sitting. For every hour that I am standing or sitting, I need about another hour with my leg elevated, or the ankle starts to swell. If I ignore the swelling, the skin on the inside of the bump on my right ankle starts to break down. If that were allowed to progress, I would end up with an open wound, probably leading to an infection, and it would be difficult to get the skin to grow back there again. The compression stocking I am wearing is helping control the swelling a bit, but not nearly enough. I’ve got to get back to talk with my doctor to see what else I should be doing. Maybe I need a tighter grade of compression stocking. Or maybe I just need to be a bit more patient, and allow the healing process to continue. I certainly won’t be going back to work full time the way things are now. I’ll do half days at work, and half days working from home with the leg elevated. Or maybe I’ll get a reclining chair with leg rest installed at work.