I got my aviation medical back yesterday. I expected the doc to check out the range of motion and strength in my injured limbs, but he just did all the standard stuff and then signed my medical certificate. Woo Hoo!!

I’ve got a C550 simulator session booked on Tuesday - I’ll use it to confirm that all the body parts have what it takes to handle worst case required control inputs. I’ll do rejected take-offs with max braking, engine failures at V1, crosswind landings, full rudder steady heading sideslips, nose up trim runaways, etc. Assuming that goes well, I’ve got a C550 flight booked on Wednesday so I can get recurrent. I’ll get requalified in the C90A and C182 the first week of August after I get back from OSH. I’ll defer RV-8 flights until I’ve worked the rust off on someone else’s aircraft.

I’ve been off flying for over four months now, which is by far the longest break since 1982. I’m really looking forward to getting airborne again.