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It’s been another fairly good week. My ankle is making good progress. I made my first baby steps without crutches 10 days ago, but needed a cane to help with stairs. Within four days I no longer needed the cane. The ankle and foot swell if I spend too long upright, so I can’t do nearly as much as I would like before I need to sit down and get my leg up. It also gets sore if I walk too much. But, the swelling is better than it was two weeks ago, and I’m sure it will develop more endurance as time goes on.

I’m more mobile each day. It was grey and rainy most of the week, but today it was finally sunny. At lunch time, I felt mobile enough to brave the long flight of stairs that go down to the patio at Kelly’s Landing, a river-side restaurant that we like south of Manotick. It isn’t fancy, but is a great place to be on a sunny summer day, sitting outside on the deck, watching the boats on the river, and laughing at the missteps as they try to dock in front of the restaurant.

I’m planning to go back to work on Tuesday for the first time since the accident. Hopefully the ankle and foot will be happy with this. If it can’t handle full days, I’ll try half days.

Terry has had several good days this week, but she also had days with quite a bit of pain. We’re trying to find patterns, to correlate what she did earlier to the pain level she has later, so we can learn what she can and cannot do. We’ve identified some of the variables, but others are proving elusive.

I’m putting the finishing touches on the third Kitplanes article. The first one is apparently in the issue that is on the news stands now, but I haven’t yet managed to track down a copy. The second article is in the pipeline at Kitplanes, and I need to submit the third article to them this week. Then I’ll pause, as I need to generate some more flight test data to use as examples for data analysis in the other articles I have planned.

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  • Kevin, what are your OSH plans? It would be great to see you there this year!

  • The master plan is to fly into Green Bay on Saturday afternoon, and to fly home the following Friday morning. We’ll be staying with one of Terry’s sisters. She grew up in Green Bay, and the other 10 siblings live in the Green Bay area. I kid her that I married her so I would have a place to stay whenever I went to Oshkosh :)

    I plan to drive down to OSH on Monday, and have a ticket reserved for Van’s dinner Tuesday evening. I’ll also try to make Bob Collins [url=http://home.comcast.net/~bcollinsrv7a/eaa/]Piece of Grass 2009[/url] get together in the Camp Scholler camping area Wednesday evening. How much time I spend on the OSH site on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be determined mostly by how well the ankle holds up + the weather forecast. I’ve reserved an electric mobility scooter every day, so I can minimize the number of miles I put on the ankle, as it isn’t really broken in yet.

    Kevin Horton

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