We’ve had a very good week. I started physiotherapy on Thursday, and now have a new set of exercises for my shoulder, wrist, leg and ankle. I’ll be going back for physio twice a week, and will be doing my exercises three times a day.

My right leg and ankle made huge strides this week. I had been walking around with crutches, placing partial weight on the leg. 10 days ago, I could support my full weight, but didn’t have enough ankle strength to keep myself from toppling over in a random direction if I didn’t steady myself with crutches. I exercised the leg and ankle every day, and it got stronger quickly. On Friday afternoon I took my first baby steps without crutches. I didn’t go far, and the ankle got tired very quickly, but it was a huge milestone.

Last night, I made it up the stairs to the master bedroom, and slept in our bed for the first time since the accident. Up to now I’ve been sleeping in a hospital bed in the dining room, on the ground level of the house. Today, we went to a big empty parking lot and I tried out the leg and ankle when driving our car - it went very well, including max effort braking. We’ve got a few scheduling issues to resolve, but I may get back to work for a few hours late this week. I’m pretty pumped to be getting closer to normalcy, one small step at a time.

Terry had a fairly good week. She is getting stronger every day, and is starting to learn what she needs to do to avoid pinching the nerves in her neck which gives her on again, off again pain.

A coworker and his wife came by today to weed Terry’s flower gardens. They have been by the last three weeks, and have almost got ahead of the weeds. Thanks.