We’ve had a pretty good week. My ankle is getting stronger and more flexible every day. I was supposed to have another visit with the orthopaedic surgeon on Thursday, but he had to cancel all his appointments that day, and it got rescheduled for this coming Thursday. I expect to start physiotherapy after that visit. I think I am getting close to the point where I could drive again, at which point I should be able to go back to work. We live out in the country, and the only practical way to get back and forth to work is to drive.

Terry’s torso is getting much stronger - she spends more time out of her back brace than in it. She was supposed to start physiotherapy this week, but her physiotherapist threw her back out, and had to cancel several days of appointments. Hopefully her appointment tomorrow will actually happen.

Friday at lunch time it was already quite warm, so we climbed in the car and did our first expedition all by ourselves. We had lunch, sitting outside at a local restaurant we like. It was wonderful to get out of the house, and to be able to do it without having to impose on someone else. Finally we are starting to get our freedom back.

I submitted my second Kitplanes article last week. The first article will be in the August issue, I think. The second article, if they like it, will probably be in the September or October issue.