We’ve had a pretty good week. My left hand and wrist are working well within the range of motion that they have, and the range of motion is increasing a tiny bit each day. Just a few minutes ago I finally was able to touch my left thumb and little finger together for the first time in 10 weeks. It took everything I had, and they barely touched each other, but it is still a big milestone. My left ankle is pain free, and the range of motion is very slowly improving.

The wrist crutches I tried ten days ago weren’t useful to me, but another coworker delivered a set of armpit crutches a few days ago. I don’t think I could have used them two weeks ago, as the left collarbone was still giving me a bit of pain. But it has greatly improved in the last week, and I found that it didn’t complain about armpit crutches at all. The biggest issue is the poor circulation in my right ankle and foot. The foot starts to turn red within seconds of standing up, as the blood pools in there. I don’t think I should standup for too long, so I haven’t made any great use of the crutches yet. The poor circulation has me slightly concerned. I hope it improves quickly once I can start walking.

Yesterday evening Jim and Kim, two great friends who live close by, sprung us free from the house and took us to a local restaurant. We bought them dinner as a tiny recompense for all the assistance they have provided us since the accident. It was great to have a change of scenery, and the wonderful meal and bottle of wine sitting outside on the restaurant patio capped it all off. Thanks Jim and Kim.

I’ve got another doctor’s visit this coming Thursday, the 28th, and I hope he will let me start putting some weight on the right leg.

Terry is doing well. She has some occasional back pain, but not too much as long as she manages to restrain her urge to do things she shouldn’t