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Big day today - I had my first shower since the accident, seven and a half weeks ago. It was nothing but sponge baths in the hospital, and the showers in our place are up a bunch of steps. There was no safe way to get up those steps and into the shower with one arm and one leg, so it has been nothing but sponge baths here either. But, after getting my casts off last week, the left arm is starting be useful again, so this morning I managed to get up the steps, down the hall and into the shower. Man, that felt great!

The left wrist and hand are still quite stiff. At the rate things are going it will be weeks to get the full range of motion back, but there is significant progress every day. This evening is the first time I’ve been able to touch type since the accident. It is slow, and I’m making a lot of mistakes, but it sure beats the one finger typing I was doing for so long.

Terry is doing a lot better this week. She had a bit of a set back several days ago - she was trying to do too much around, and started having significant back pain. But she got the message, and started taking it much easier. Life isn't going to end if standards slip for a few months ):. The back took a couple of days to respond, but the last few days her pain has gone way down. Hopefully she can continue to restrain her urge to do everything that she would have done before the accident.