Terry and I went back to the hospital this afternoon for another visit with my orthopaedic surgeon. They cut both casts off, then took a batch of X-rays. The X-rays and visual inspection showed no issues, so they left both casts off - I’ve got tensor bandage wrapped around the wrist and ankle, to help control the swelling. I still am not allowed to put any weight on the leg, for at least four more weeks, but they gave me a long list of exercises to do to start getting the ankle working again. I’ve got very little range of motion in the right ankle, which doesn’t surprise me, given that the breaks in the tibia and fibula went right through the ankle joint.

The left wrist is depressingly stiff too. I had expected it to be somewhat tight, but nothing like this. My good right wist has about 90° range of motion. After the cast came off the left wrist, it only had about 10° range of motion. I’ve managed to work that up to 30° now, five hours later. If I try really hard, I can just touch the tips of the thumb and index finger together. Wow. I’ve got lots of work to do to get the left wrist and hand back in action. Still, this is a big milestone. The next big milestone will be to have a shower, but I need to get the left arm working first, so I can get up the steps to the bathroom area.

Terry’s back injury is slowly healing. She will be in the back brace for at least another six weeks. She really needs to pace herself, and not do too much, or she pays the price with back pain.