Today is six weeks since the accident. Terry and I are both doing well. My collar bone is feeling much better every week. No leg or wrist pain. I’ve got another visit with the orthopaedic surgeons on Thursday, and should come home without a cast on my wrist. I’ll probably have a removable splint to wear on it for awhile. The cast on my leg may be replaced by a removable air cast, which would let me have my first shower since the accident, once my left arm is working well enough so I can get up the steps to the bedroom area.

The weather has warmed up nicely, so I have been able to get out on the patio for some fresh air several times. Terry’s sister Mary has been helping out - she goes back on Wednesday. After that Terry and I will be on our own, except for Victoria, a personal care attendant who will come by morning and evening to help out.

Linda P. and her husband Leo, a cousin who lives in the area came by on Saturday to take Terry grocery shopping - thanks Linda and Leo. We really appreciated it.