I had another followup visit with the orthopaedic surgeons on Thursday afternoon. The latest X-rays show the leg and wrist are healing well. The collar bone isn’t healing quite the way I hoped, in that the broken ends are not nicely butted up against each other. Instead, they very slightly overlap. The orthopaedic surgeons said that this was not that unusual, and that the two pieces would fuse together and provide normal function. It might just take a little longer than hoped to regain full strength than it otherwise would.

They removed and replaced the cast on the leg to inspect the incisions. The incisions are healing nicely, and the tender spot that was on the inside of the ankle two weeks ago has disappeared.

They expect to remove the cast on my wrist on the next followup visit, scheduled for 30 April. It will be wonderful to get the right arm back, but there will be a few weeks of physio to do before it is fully functional. They also said that they hoped to put my leg in a removable air cast, which will mean I could shower while sitting in a plastic chair - that will be wonderful. I won’t be allowed to put weight on the leg until mid-June.

I’ve been working on a series of articles for Kitplanes magazine. I’ve submitted the first one, and the next two are about half done (these two will be a two-part series, so I’m working on them together).

Terry is healing well too. Our spirits are high. Terry’s sister Sue leaves tomorrow, after a three week visit. She took superb care of us. Thanks Sue! Terry’s sister Jacqui arrives Wednesday for a week, followed by sister Mary for another week. The auto insurance-funded attendant care coverage is spooling up - a nice young lady comes by for two hours every weekday morning to help us get with all the morning activities. Someone is working to arrange attandants for weekend mornings and at bed time. We are in good hands.