I pulled the cowlings this morning, and did a detailed visual inspection - no issues found, other than a small oil leak at a hose fitting. I inspected the spark plugs, and they all looked normal. A bit oily, but that is normal early in the break-in. I removed the fuel injection nozzles, and held each one up to the sky to look through. Three of them looked fine, but the one for #1 cylinder was obviously quite clogged. The orifice in the restrictor fitting was approximately 75% blocked with some sort of debris. I put some acetone in an ultrasonic cleaner and put all the nozzles in there for 45 minutes. Then I blew them out with compressed air and did another visual inspection - they all looked clean.

After lunch, I reassembled everything, changed into my flight suit, and fired it up. The engine ran fine at my normal runup rpm of 1800 rpm, and at 2300 rpm, so I put the engine monitor on the EGT page and taxied onto the runway. The EGTs all looked normal after I advanced to full power, so I continued the take-off. The engine ran completely normally, so I did a one hour break-in flight. Tomorrow afternoon I’ll pull the cowlings for another inspection, and then do another break-in flight.

It felt really, really good to get the aircraft airborne again.