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I was on the road almost all week, leaving Saturday evening, and getting back on Thursday. Flew all night Saturday night, two nights in London and two nights in Cologne. It was a good chance to compare British vs German beer. For the record, while I do enjoy German beer, the English ales came out on top in the evaluations. I especially liked the Old Speckled Hen. This week I will be in town all week, which will be a nice break after three weeks on the road.

The engine left Aerosport Power on Friday, and is on its way back to me. I expect it should arrive in Ottawa late this week, but it could be next week before I can pick it up. The prop should ship from MT in Germany sometime in the next two weeks, according to the last update I got. I plan to order the prop governor tomorrow - the group buy has now gathered enough buyers to get the best price offered.

Today I spent the afternoon at the hangar. First I spent 35 minutes shoveling the snow off the hangar lead in. I don’t need to have that area clear until January, but I know that if we don’t keep ahead of the snow, it will become hard packed and be very, very difficult to clear later.

After I got my exercise clearing the snow, I removed the throttle cable. It had received some heat damage during the first flight, before I realized that I needed a heat shield to protect it. I figured this was the best time to replace it, as I have better access to the firewall with the engine out of the way, and the aircraft is grounded anyway, so maintenance down time doesn’t cost me a flight. Getting the old cable out wasn’t too bad a job, but getting the new one threaded through the landing gear box was fun. And we won’t even talk about getting the pin back in through the cable clevis and throttle arm, or the extreme fun of getting the cotter pin bent. I still have a bit more work to do to finish the job, but I have completed all the really tricky parts, I think.

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