I didn’t get much done in the first half of the week due to the bug I was fighting. Thursday and today I got a whole bunch done. I changed the O-rings in the brake system - I had screwed up, due to a misinterpretation of some info, and had O-rings made from EPDM, which were not compatible with my chosen MIL-PRF-83282 brake fluid. I went back to the stock Buna-N O-rings.

I removed the right flap, removed the UMHW tape adhesive that was causing it to bind, and reinstalled it.

I put foil heat shield on the insides of the cowling in the areas where the exhaust pipes are routed close to the fibreglas.

I got most of the access panels, floors, seats, etc back in. I just need to reinstall the baggage compartment floors, install the spinner and cowling and the plane will be ready to fly.

Now I just need the paperwork and I can start the flight testing.