Dynon has been working on an autopilot for quite some time, but they've kept the details very close to their chest. Well, the information is finally starting to emerge, and it sounds very, very enticing. The lead-in image is an advertisement that appeared in the electronic version of the latest Kitplanes magazine.

Each servo is $750, and the interface can be via a Dynon EFIS, or via a dedicated AP74 control panel. The autopilot can be slaved to the bugs that are set on the EFIS. That means that I could add a pitch axis autopilot to my aircraft for $750, without having to sacrifice any panel real estate. The only downside is that the servos are similar to those from TruTrak, in that there is some drag on the flight controls even when the autopilot is not engaged. Those that have TruTrak autopilots claim that while the drag from the servo can be felt on the ground cannot be perceived in flight.

I'm putting any work on my pitch axis autopilot project on hold until I learn more about the Dynon autopilot. Assuming I can live with the servo drag, it is hard to go wrong for $750.

Update 28 Mar 2008 - Dynon now has autopilot information posted on their web site.