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Today I managed to get two hours of work done at the hangar. I spent most of the time cleaning the Permatex Anti-Seize off the wing spar bolts and out of the bolt holes in the spar. I had used the Anti-Seize as a lubricant when I installed the wings so I could drill the rear spar attachment hole. I have subsequently learned that the Anti-Seize contains graphite, which can promote corrosion of aluminum. I labouriously cleaned the Anti-Seize off the bolts and out of the spar holes using acetone.

I had hoped to install the wings tomorrow morning. But the weather guessers have substantially changed the forecast temperatures. Now they claim that it will get down to -16 deg C overnight, and only get up to -12 tomorrow. I have put the wing mounting work party on hold, in the hope of working on a warmer day.

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  • I enjoy reading about your progress but I'd stay away from anywhere the high temperature is -12 degrees. Just a bit of advice.

  • These cold winters just make us appreciate summer all the more. :)

    It is actually quite workable in the hangar, if you dress warmly, and have an
    electric radiant heater pointed at where you are working. At least that is the
    story so far. We'll see how it is once it drops below -20 deg C.

    Kevin Horton