It's been a crazy few days. The first part of last week I was on mandatory cleaning duty, as four of Terry's five sisters were coming up for a visit, and the powers that be had declared that I had too many piles of junk in various places around the house. I learned a long time ago that once such a ruling had been made that there was little chance of winning on appeal, so I dutifully cleaned up. I managed to find a few things I had been looking for, so the effort wasn't completely wasted.

Thursday the four sisters in law arrived, and it was absolute pandemonium for several days. Terry had a master plan of things she wanted to try and do while they were here, but once you get that many women in one place, it is like herding cats to try and get anything accomplished. I ended up serving as chauffer for pretty much the whole visit. Everyone had a grand old time, and we poured them back on the plane this morning. This evening we had a quiet bottle of wine to celebrate a return to normalcy.

Yesterday I managed to escape to Smiths Falls for a few hours to assemble some IKEA shelf units, and install the pilot tube mount. I've got big meetings at work the next three days, so the next possible chance to move the fuselage to the airport is Saturday. We'll see if the weather, trailer, helpers etc all come together. I've got a bit of work to do on the fuselage that will be easier to do in the garage than at the airport. Once I get that done, if the weather becomes an issue I'll remove the horizontal stab so the fuselage will fit in a U-Haul truck. Terry will be so happy to get the garage back that she would spend a few hours buried in the back of the fuselage helping me reinstall the HS.