A few days ago, I started the installation of a canopy lock.

Yesterday I finished fabricating the canopy lock, and drilled and clecoed it in place. I bent the arm that attaches to the lock cylinder, to increase the clearance to the canopy frame, move the arm end inboard, and put it at 90 degrees to the canopy sill.


I wasn't sure at first whether I should rivet the lock striker plate in place, or use #8 screws. I let that question stew overnight, and decided to use the screws. That will allow me to remove it when the aircraft is painted, and it let me use the bottom end of a screw for an Adel clamp that secures the static line, which runs underneath the canopy sill. I needed to secure the lien in that area, to ensure that it couldn't chafe against the screws (or rivets) that attached the lock striker plate.