I was on vacation last week. I split my time between working on the RV-8, doing some computer programming, and just enjoying the fine summer weather. I added a few new items to the To Do List, but managed to complete enough items to get it down to about 25 items left.

I made new serial data cables for the engine monitor and Garmin GNS 430, as the similar cable for the Dynon EFIS had proved fragile. The new connectors were a royal pain in the you know what to solder the wires too, but the new cables should be much more durable, and easier to repair if needed.

I spent quite a bit of time polishing out scratches in the canopy. I used the Canopy Scratch Kit that Van's sells - it works quite well. I only needed to use that kit on selected areas. I used some 3M marine Plexiglas cleaner and polisher to clean up the rest of the canopy.

After the canopy was all clean and polished, Terry helped me get it back on the aircraft. A local RV builder reported that he managed to break the #8 screw that attached the canopy latch to the latch shaft. My canopy latch is fairly stiff to lock in place, so I was afraid that perhaps the same failure could happen to me. I removed the #8 screw, and drilled, tapped and countersunk the latch assembly to use a #10 screw, which is a lot stronger.

Yesterday I spent quite a bit of time pondering how to make a canopy lock using a spare key set, the same as the one for the forward baggage door lock. Obviously a canopy lock won't stop a serious thief, as he would just break the Plexiglas. But it should stop a casual thief from grabbing a headset, etc while the aircraft is at an airshow. I've got a bit more work to do to finish this off, then I'll post a description and pictures of the rest of the lock system.