I had really expected to get a lot of work done during the week last week, but four of the evenings had some major unexpected event that disrupted RV-8 work.

I was able to finish off the installation of the Teflon brake lines at the bottom end of the landing gear legs. The space inside the landing gear fairing reduces as you move aft of the landing gear leg, so I had to grind off most of the hex in the middle of the AN919 fitting that joins the aluminum line to the flexible hose.

The aluminum line, fitting and flexible hose are secured to the landing gear leg, with sections of tough plastic line between the tape and the landing gear leg. I've used vinyl tape for the moment, but I'll replace that will something more durable.


I also removed the prop so I could change the alternator belt. Originally I had installed a converted automotive alternator, but I later decided to replace that with a B&C Specialties alternator, which needed a different belt. I had been putting off doing this task, as I didn't have a ready way to support the prop while I removed it and reinstalled. I could borrow the engine hoist that I used the first time, but the hoist owner has moved well outside Ottawa, so it would have take at least two hours to obtain the hoist, and another two hours to return it. But Jim, a coworker, and his son, offered to lend a hand. They supported the prop while I removed and reinstalled it. Yesterday I torqued the prop bolts, but I still have to safety wire them.