I was in Lawrence, KS all week, only getting home very late Friday evening. Yesterday I had a bunch of stuff that needed doing around the house, and today Terry and I spent most of the day just enjoying the wonderful weather. So very little progress was made this week.

While I was in Lawrence, I went to Topeka to attend a local EAA chapter visit to Eric Kerns RV-8 project. Eric is moving much faster than I am, and has a very nice looking aircraft that is well into the finishing stage.

I picked up two tubes of Lexel adhesive in Lawrence (I couldn't find a local distributor), as it is reported to be a good choice to bond the windshield fairing to the windscreen. I'm not sure whether I will also use it to bond between the fairing and the fuselage, or whether I should use epoxy resin. Yesterday I used the Lexel to do a test bond between a piece of fibreglas and a piece of aluminum. I'll give it a week to cure then see how strong it is.

Today I put the windscreen back on temporarily, then marked the outline of the windscreen fairing. I sanded the portion of the windscreen that will bond to the windscreen fairing, to give a better surface for the adhesive to bond too. I also attempted to wash the windscreen, using soap and water. That didn't get it really clean - there is still some sort of residue from the 3M 471 vinyl tape. I need to find a proper Plexiglas cleaner.

This evening I installed the sniffle valve in the bottom of the engine's induction tract, and fabricated a piece of aluminum tubing to act as a drain. I used a short length of automotive fuel line to act as a transition between the sniffle valve and the aluminum tube. I need to get some small hose clamps to finish this off.