Today I polished out the scratches on the windscreen, as I figured it would be easier to do before I permanently installed it. I used the Scratch Off Optica 4 kit, sold by Van's. It does a very nice job. Now I just need to acquire some Lexel adhesive, and I can install the windscreen and the windscreen fairing. I can't find a local distributor, but I will be in the US next week and I hope to find some at a hardware store.

Some needed hardware arrived earlier in the week, so I was able to finish replacing the plastic low pressure brake lines with Teflon tubing.

I've slowly ground down the To Do List - now it has about 33 items before going to the airport, and a bunch of those can be done once I receive some more Teflon tubing and fittings I ordered from Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies - they carry a good selection of Teflon tubing, including premade tube assemblies of various lengths. I intend to put a length of flexible Teflon tube at the bottom of each landing gear leg to connect up the brake lines to the brake calipers. I managed to damage one of the aluminum brake lines, so I either need to replace the whole thing, or cut off the bottom part. I decided this was just the excuse I needed to install Teflon lines there.