In the last three weeks I was on the road for several days, and then got nailed by a pretty bad sinus infection that slowed me down for a few more days.

I spent quite a bit of time working on the glare shield. I agonized over how to glue the vinyl covering to the aluminum glare shield. Many people use a spray-on adhesive, so I purchased a can of 3M 77 adhesive and did a test on some scrap. It seemed to work well, but you had to be quite quick to get the vinyl in place after spraying the adhesive, and I was not too happy about the risk of over-spray. I searched the RV-List archives, and found one person that used rubber cement, so I tried that on some more scrap. It was not compatible with the vinyl - the vinyl puckered up and did not lay flat.

I looked at the dozens of different adhesives at a local craft store, and found a tube of Goop adhesive that claimed to have all the right properties - sticks to vinyl and aluminum, and withstands fairly high temperatures. I did a test on some scrap, and it did a good job.

The glare shield turned out very nice. I put a small bead of Goop around the edges, as there didn't seem to be any point to trying to glue down the whole surface. For the hole where the defrost fan is, I left some extra material and wrapped it around the edge of the hole and glued it to the bottom of the glare shield.

I purchased some windshield washer tubing, and put a slit in it to cover the aluminum tube on the aft edge of the glare shield. It is almost the same sheen and colour as the vinyl, and looks quite nice.

The aluminum tube doesn't go all the way to the edge of the glare shield, as I didn't want it to hit the windscreen. I found some little rubber guards to go on the edges of car doors, and used that to cover the part of the glare shield edge that didn't have aluminum tube on it.