An order of misc hardware arrived from Wicks last week. There were a bunch of small tasks that were on hold because I was waiting to get this hardware, so I attacked them as soon as it arrived. But, almost without fail, I found that I could not completely finish those tasks, as I found that I needed yet another piece of unexpected hardware, or that the hardware I had ordered didn't in fact do the job. Arrgh!

I did make some progress on the firewall insulation. I got two large pieces trimmed to fit, and then worked on sealing the edges with aluminum tape.

One large piece had long straight edges, so it was easy to seal. Velcro strips will hold the insulation against the firewall, yet allow it to be removed if required.

But, several other pieces have many cutouts to go around various things, so it is very tedious to trim the tape and get it to go around the complicated shapes.