The last few days I've assiduously attacked the smaller items on the big To Do list:

  • Fix chafing on static line at remote compass mount
  • Fix chafing between fuel vent line and wire bundle in RH landing gear box
  • Torque screws on back of prop governor
  • Torque some oil sump nuts where I had removed them to install Adel clamps
  • Install ground line for strobe lights
  • Install ground line for electronic ignition cable shields
  • Permanently install GPS antenna
  • Attach instrument panel ground tab block to bulkhead, after removing the piece of wood that was originally intended to insulate it from the bulkhead (the original plan had a ground wire going from the instrument panel ground tab block to the firewall ground block, in an attempt to avoid ground loops, but that ground wire created a single point of failure that would kill everything on the instrument panel - bad idea)
  • Install correct bolts in mixture cable bellcrank mount
  • etc

Some of the items only took a few minutes to do, once I had spent a half hour figuring out what the cryptic description meant. Some of them took a couple of hours. The list actually got quite a bit shorter, which is a great feeling.

There is another bunch of small items that I can do, once I receive various small hardware items that I've ordered. My Reiff engine preheat system arrived on Friday, so I'll be working on that over the next few days. I'm also waiting for firewall insulation and aileron boots to arrive from Flightline Interiors.