I had made the instrument panel placards with black text on a clear background as I was afraid that clear text on a black background might not look nice with the beige instrument panel. But, I didn't like the way the placards looked. So, today I pulled them off and replaced them with ones with clear text on black background. The new ones stand out a lot better. Now all the placards in the cockpit will be the same.

I also added a small placard by COM 2 with the aircraft registration.

Here is a shot of the whole instrument panel.

Yesterday I finally installed the mount for the fire extinguisher. I had been looking for a good place for months, but wasn't happy with any of the obvious locations. I finally realized that there was a nice spot on the floor just below the rear seat throttle. The fire extinguisher is reachable from either seat, and doesn't get in the way of the passenger. I did the sums, and decided that I didn't need to add a doubler. I used FAR 23 criteria for items of mass in the cockpit - the mount must be able to withstand 18 g forward, 3 g upwards and 4.5 g sideways. The 18 g forward criteria seems a bit extreme - if the accident is severe enough to put 18 g accelerations on the cockpit, I'm not sure it really matters whether the fire extinguisher comes loose or not.

I had to remove the floors to fit the fire extinguisher mount, and I won't put them back in until they are painted. I'll take a picture of the fire extinguisher mount after the floors go back in.

It was a nice warm day today, so I took advantage by assembling and painting the g-meter mount. I should have painted it a lot time ago, but forgot all about it. I was in a rush, so didn't leave enough time between coats, and ended up with a run. I had to remove the paint and start over. Lesson learned (again) - slow down to save time.