I had been beavering away on a modified heater muff - my original plan for the second heater muff turned out to be a non-starter, and I couldn't find a place to mount a standard heat muff. Another builder sent me pictures of his modified heat muff, which solve my problem. I got about four hours into the heat muff mod when I finally decided that it was a dead end, as there would be no way to remove the modified muff to inspect the exhaust pipe without drilling out a bunch of blind rivets.

This picture is not my aircraft, but it shows what I want to achieve. The standard heat muff has the inlet and outlet on the same side of the muff. I need a muff with the inlet and outlet on opposite sides.

The basic concept was OK, so I ordered a custom made muff from Rick Robbins. I just wish I had done this before wasting four hours modifying my original muff :(

Yesterday and today I finished about a half-dozen of the smaller items on my To Do List. I added about that many items to the list too, but all of them were items that I already knew about, but had just never bothered to write down before. I'm trying to put all known items on the list, rather than trust my memory to juggle them in my head.

We had a very nice visit from Jim Jewell, and his wife Chris (Kris?). Jim and Chris built an RV-6A in BC - he is waiting to receive the aircraft paperwork, and then the flight testing can start.