I had thought I was getting close to the end of the fibreglas saga, then I remembered the wing tips, which were sitting in the basement. I had done most of the fibreglas work on them, but I knew that I wasn't finished. A quick look at them showed that they had gotten all scratched up somehow, and that there were some areas on one tip where I had not finished adding filler. :( I started working on them again a few days ago. One tip doesn't quite match up with the outboard end of the aileron (I already knew that). I'm going to look at other RVs at Oshkosh, to see how noticeable that type of flaw is on a finished aircraft. Maybe I'll just ignore this one.

I had used the fuzzy side of Velcro to fill some gaps beneath one of the upper landing gear leg fairings and a wheel pant to gear leg fairing junction. I had hoped that this would be an acceptable solution, but it was too visually prominent. The white Velcro was very noticeable. Black, the only other colour I've seen, would be equally visible. I would need gold coloured Velcro.

I decided to try a proper fix. I put some 3M 471 vinyl tape on the fuselage and landing gear fairing, then mixed up some fibreglas resin with micro-fibres. I put the goop under the edge of the fairing and screwed it in place. I popped it off a couple of days ago, and cleaned up the edges. I've got a perfect fit now.

You can see the added filler on the bottom and right side of the picture.

Today I started the same exercise on the left wheel pant.